Radio Summary

Each episode is introduced by Dr. Royce Jennings, curator of the museum, who puts the episode’s events in perspective as well as a recap of the previous episode.

Below you'll find all of the introductions by Dr. Jennings. Music and sound effects have been extracted, the full experience still awaits you. To hear excerpts from the final production with music and sound effects visit the Radio Excerpt page.


Episode 1: The Road to Jerusalem

The Road to Jerusalem introduces Cornelius, a young Roman tribune, to the inner circle of Pontius Pilate, governor of Judea, a week before the crucifixion of Jesus. Cornelius learns some of the contentious history between Rome and Judea and the nature of power and duty in the province.

Episode 2: The Lamb's Altar

The Lamb’s Altar introduces the Jewish Temple authorities and their plans to deal with the emerging threat of a man from Nazareth named Jesus. We’re also introduced to a disciple of Jesus from Kerioth named Judas and see how his plan to gain fame for his master and himself takes shape.

Episode 3: The Half Death

The two worlds of the Jews and the Romans collide as the high priest of the Temple hands Jesus over to Pilate for trial. Cornelius discovers that the power of Rome is not preserved by the lofty ideals of philosophy and right living he read and studied. Cornelius participates in the near deadly whipping of a Jewish thief named Dysmas. After the scourging, Cornelius seeks solace to calm his nerves as the whipping pillar is prepared for its next victim, the last of three men to be crucified on the day following Passover.

Episode 4: The Place of the Skull

A dazed and repentant Judas pleads for the life of Jesus with the leaders of the Temple. Finding no help, Judas throws the silver at their feet and runs from the Temple into the countryside, never to be seen alive again. Meanwhile, the crucifixion procession moves from the Fortress Antonia toward Golgotha. Along the way Cornelius stops to help Jesus who struggles and falls in the street. At Golgotha Cornelius’ initiation into the legion is completed and his life is touched irrevocably atop The Place of the Skull.

Episode 5: Prophecy Revealed

The leaders of the Temple agitatedly await news of the death of Jesus and, they hope, the end of His movement defying them. Next the leaders look to secure the body of the heretic Jesus so as to prevent anyone from stealing His body and claiming His resurrection. Meanwhile, Cornelius returns from the dark day’s work initiating him into the legion. At Pilate’s private baths Cornelius meets Amos, Pilate’s Jewish bath master. Amos teaches Cornelius more about Jewish customs. At the baths the officers are visited by Joseph of Arimathea who has come to ask for Jesus’ body.

Episode 6: Shadows at Dawn

The day following the crucifixion finds the Temple authorities working to bribe Pilate to post guards at the tomb. In the quiet hills outside Jerusalem a potter digging for clay finds the body of Judas. The potter buries him and takes his empty purse. On his way home he is met by the high priest’s son who buys the potter’s land for the Temple, paying for it with Judas’ thirty silver shekels. Before dawn a week later the Roman cohort leaves the city to return to Caesarea. Leaving the city Cornelius has a disturbing vision seeing Shadows at Dawn.

Episode 7: The Prayer at the Gate

We’re introduced to the family of Antilochus two years following the events of the crucifixion. Cornelius is discussing his impending wedding to Antilochus’ daughter when he is summoned before Pilate and told he must flee for his life. The story then jumps ahead another four years to find Cornelius, now happily married, living as a Jew in Caesarea. Cornelius is still haunted by his participation in the crucifixion and still under threat from Rome. After meeting an old friend, Cornelius is visited by an angel who tells him to send for a man named Simon Peter. Cornelius sends messengers and while waiting for word late one night, a stranger with unknown intentions comes to his gate.

Episode 8: Redemption

Cornelius’ fateful meeting with Simon Peter leads to his baptism as the first Gentile Christian and the birth of a movement that shapes the world for centuries to follow. Cornelius’ heavy conscience is cleared as he finds Redemption.